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    Government traceability solutions to secure the global supply chain

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    About rfxcel Government Solutions

    rfxcel Government Solutions is a segment of rfxcel Corporation that specializes in developing innovative technological solutions that enable supply chain security for government organizations worldwide. We help all levels of government become more secure, accountable, transparent, efficient, and resilient. Food and pharmaceutical supplies, health care resources, and transportation networks are just some of the industries we serve.

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  • Who We Are | What We Do

    rfxcel is a global leader in supply chain track & trace solutions. Our mission-focused solutions serve diverse industries globally to secure and create a resilient supply chain.

    rfXgov Systems Engineering

    Systems Engineering

    Best-of-breed solutions for supply chain security

    We develop and implement advanced systems for securing supply chains.

    rfXgov IT Security

    IT Security

    Private or hybrid cloud-hosted software protects our customers' data

    We secure economies through technology, consumer goods, supplies, and resources.

    rfXgov Innovation


    Founded in Silicon Valley, rfxcel brings innovative solutions to market

    We invest in R&D and highly qualified employees to deliver the most innovative products to global markets.

    rfXgov Customer Service

    Customer Service

    We strive to keep our customers happy. We'll be there when you need us.

    Providing world-class service to all our customers is our goal. It defines who we are and what we do.

  • Stats at a Glance

    Today's tightly integrated networks are vulnerable to collapse if any major component fails.

    Just one attack can cripple a nation. How do you confront the challenges of completing your mission?

    3 Attacks per Week

    Average number of supply chain terrorism attacks in 2018


    Year-over-year increase


    Pharmaceutical & health care are the most-targeted industries


    Year-over-year increase in supply chain terror attacks vs. all cyber attacks


    Supply chain terrorism attacks in 33 countries

  • Resilience in Action

    By embracing a data-centric security posture with real-time monitoring capabilities, rfxcel enables law enforcement, military, and first responders to proactively handle whatever our adversaries do to try to break our supply chain. Innovations in advanced analytics, environmental monitoring, artificial intelligence, and machine learning allow us to hunt, defend against, and outsmart bad actors with precision and efficiency.

    Critical Infrastructure

    Ensure networks have the tools to communicate, the situational awareness to respond, and the emergency services to recover from a major blow to our critical infrastructure.

    Mission Readiness

    Shift the balance of cyber power in your favor with rfxcel’s innovative supply chain security software. Protecting our most vulnerable products, such as drugs, food, water, military, and emergency aid, defends against criminals and terrorists. You need to be ready -- not just most of the time, but all of the time. We have the technology to ensure you're prepared.

    National Security

    Supply chain resilience is a matter of national security. With all sectors interconnected, the complex reality is that sustainability requires cross-sector inter-dependencies. Are you ready for the next step?

  • Critical Infrastructure

    Acquire, Prioritize, and Respond to Catastrophic Disasters


    rfxcel has a deep bench of subject matter experts with intimate understanding of critical infrastructure protection and resilience in the public and private sectors. With more than 15 years of service, rfxcel has delivered on providing solutions that address infrastructure inter-dependencies, allowing customers to perform disaster situation analyses, vulnerability analyses, risk mitigation, and data capture. rfxcel's solutions are aligned with the mission of law enforcement, emergency responders, defense, and homeland security, with experts analyzing energy assurance and impact mission assurance.


    Strengthen networks that distribute goods and services

    rfxcel ensures the lifeline of the public and private sector supply chain has the tools to prioritize food, pharmaceuticals, and other critical supplies during a catastrophic event.


    Critical capabilities, situational awareness, and emergency services

    Focused measures are needed to backstop the public and private sectors during catastrophic events. rfxcel enables services that make supply chain networks resilient.


    The question is when -- not if -- a catastrophic event will happen

    The complex reality is that modern-day supply chains are vulnerable to attack.

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    • Data capture
    • Preparedness analysis
    • Vulnerability assessments
    • Impact mission assurance
    • Network analysis
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